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Are  you in search of a Professional Family Chiropractor located in Mandan, North Dakota (ND)?  Well then your search stops here.  Schoepp Family Chiropractic  has been providing  chiropractic care for  the fine people of Mandan & Bismarck North Dakota for over 9 years now.  In fact, we have patients that have traveled in from as far away as South Dakota to receive chiropractic treatments for their families.

We specialize in chiropractic care for babies and expecting mothers.  Does your baby suffer from Colic, or is fussy and you can't figure out what is wrong?  We have found that a small adjustment in babies is the difference between a happy baby and a sleepless night!

Are you an expecting mother?  We have treated many expecting mothers who are experiencing lower back pain and cramps in their legs due to the additional weight they are carrying around.  Let us ease the pain from your body with our proven chiropractic methods. 

Have you experienced the wonderful art of acupuncture?  This ancient method of healing goes back many centuries and is a proven method of relieving the body from many different ailments. 

Call us today at
701-667-6290 or Toll Free 888-836-2228 to set an appointment. 

Family Chiropractic: Mandan, North Dakota (ND)

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